The Day Of The Triffids By John Wyndham

Are you looking for a good post-apocalyptic novel that delves deep into the future of our society as we know it? Well, then The Day of the Triffids is the perfect novel for you. Written by the esteemed author John Wyndham, this sci-fi novel talks about the doomed future of human society via mass destruction and bio-warfare.

To understand the concept of this novel, you have to understand the context in which the author John Wyndham wrote it. Wyndham wrote this novel in the post-Cold War era when people were afraid of destruction and trauma, and mass social change was taking place. Considering this psyche, Wyndham wrote a novel that describes how it feels like to face this kind of destruction and how detrimental it can be to society.

His novel is still relevant in today’s world, where nuclear weapons and advanced machines and technology are available. One wrong move and these powerful weapons could destroy the entire planet and its inhabitants. Through this story, Wyndham tries to warn us about these fatal consequences, where he talks about cosmic freak events and how they change the world around them.

It is the story of a meteor show that blinds all the people who saw it, and only a few still have their sight. The people who can see have to warn the others about the big carnivorous plants called Triffids that are ready to destroy humanity by eating them one by one. Thus, it is a race for survival in a world of mass destruction and terror where people are dying by the second.

The author cleverly incorporates the concepts of violence and destruction caused by war in this novel. If the Cold War could have such a disastrous impact on the world, a war now with all our advanced technical means would be way more destructive. It could destroy the fabric of our society and leave us all alone.

Wyndham calls us to work with each other rather than against one another to create a peaceful and stable society. In this novel, he describes the lonely streets in this post-apocalyptic era which provides a haunting theme for the possible future.

Touted as one of the best sci-fi writers by Stephen King, Wyndham outdoes himself in this book that is a brilliant depiction of where our society is headed and why we must make changes now to stop it. It is a reality check for people worldwide to note the things we are creating and the technologies we are using that could very quickly destroy us one day.

It also gives us a glimpse of the different ways people react to trauma and disaster and is a reflection of human society. You must check it out to find out why it is touted as one of the best sci-fi books. You can also read other books by Wyndham like:

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