The Collapsium By Will Mc Carthy

The Collapsium By Will Mc Carthy is one of the finest science fiction writers in the world as he cleverly intersperses quantum physics and future revelations in The Collapsium. This novel tells how the solar system comes under threat due to the formation of black holes called Collapsium. These holes carry and transfer all the information about humans and are a point of contention between two opposing scientists.

But when the Collapsium falls apart, and the solar system is in danger, these two scientists must leave all differences aside to find a solution and try and save the solar system.

Will has brilliantly used space and physics to portray the concepts of black holes and forces that are strong enough to destroy our solar system. It also showcases a brilliant description of the mysteries of the universe and how different people have different ways of interpreting things and using technology to learn more about space.

Both these scientists use this Collapsium for different exploration purposes and have different aims in life. Only when the entire system is under threat do they think of collaborating and using their joint brilliant minds to save the planet.

Will has a brilliant scientific mind as he invents so many different space theories and concepts which could be a significant boost in the future with technological advancements. He is also very creative as he interlaces the story of the destruction of the solar system with the rivalry of the two genius scientists. It is only when we are on a hunt for survival do we understand the importance of teamwork and solidarity, and this is what Will tries to put forth in this novel.

It is also a terrifying take on how technology could eventually be our planet’s downfall in the future. This is shown by the fact that the ring of Collapsium, that one of the scientists created around the sun for a telecommunication network, is what ultimately collapses and puts the solar system and all the humans in grave danger.

This is also a warning to society that we must be careful of technology and should not think of advancing it to the extent that we harm our planet and fellow human beings. Technology should be used with caution to create good things for the universe that won’t ultimately lead to its collapse.

We often forget about the consequences of our actions in the quest for getting ahead and advancing, but through this novel, Will helps us come back to reality and understand the implications of our actions. It is an excellent read for a good dose of scientific adventure and creative physics.

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