5 Australian Sci-Fi Authors You Should Read

Are you a true bibliophile? If yes, then you must have read the science and fiction books and novels. Intriguing stories, larger than life characters and unbelievable twists and turns can take you to the new world, which is full of wonders.
Sci-Fi authors have undoubtedly taken the Australian publishing industry to the next level. The nation is home to some of the world-renowned authors, including Pierres who become the award-winning author of the Sentients of Orion, Parrish Plessis and Peacemaker series.
In this article, we will share a list of 5 most promising Sci-Fi authors in Australia that have written masterpieces. You must read them and explore the new world from their viewpoint.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Claire G. Coleman

Claire G. Coleman is one of the most popular Australian authors who love transforming her ideas into speculative and engaging science fiction through her books. Her debut novel Terra Nullius was a hit and also won the 2016 black and write fellowship. The book was shortlisted for the Stella Prize and the ABIA Matt Richell Award for New Authors.
In 2019, she released another masterpiece, named The Old Lie which took the country by storm. Coleman can bring an exceptional perspective to science and fiction while touching the themes of colonialism and its impact on her. You must read her books to discover her perspective.
If you love books like Moonrise by Ben Bova, then you will surely love Claire’s all books.

2. Amie Kaufman

Recognised as an internationally bestselling author, Amie Kaufman is a highly renowned Australian writer who has craved her niche in Sci-Fi. She believes in crafting stories that engage young adults and leave a spark of curiosity in them.
Her debutant Novel These Broken Stars was the best science and fiction books among Young Adults. It was shortlisted for an Inky Award in 2013.
She also co-authored the Starbound Trilogy with Megan Spooner. She has done a couple of great collaborative work with renowned authors like Jay Kristoff for “The Illuminae Files’ Trilogy, and ‘Unearthed’ duology to keep readers entertained and enthusiastic about science and fiction.

3. Jane Rawson

She is more than a Sci-Fi author. She is also an essayist and environmentalist who is passionate about writing science and fiction stories to teach young adults. Her second science and fiction book gained a lot of attention as she drew the history and converted it into a future-driven sci-fi story.
You must read A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists as it was shortlisted for the 2013 Ausrealis Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel. She even won the Viva la Novella Price because of her super-intriguing Formaldehyde novel.
Her most recent book is From the Wreck that has won many awards. You can also read The Rain Never Came by Lachlan Walter if you want to read something different.

4. K.A Bedford

He is an infamous science fiction author from Australia. Bedford has been writing fascinating science and fiction stories from a young age. He has released six sci-fi books between 2003 and 2015 and best known for his humour and mysterious storyline.
The Book Time Machines Repaired While U-Wait was Bedford’s most selling books in Australia. It was also won Best Science Fiction Novel in 2008. You can also read his Orbital Burn and Hydrogen Steel novels if you love science and fiction stories or about space and astronomy to unveil your creative realm.

Wrapping up

These are four most renowned and versatile Science and Fiction Authors from Australia that will definitely entertain you through their novels. You choose your most favourite Author and binge-read all their books.