Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel

This is one of the best selling science fiction books in 2022. It is a novel of time, art, love, and pandemic that will take you from one century to another through different characters of the story.

The award-winning author of Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel brings another masterpiece that unveils the story of three different people across centuries and space. The author keeps you connected with the story and let you experience the thrill and excitement via the characters.

Sea of Tranquility is undoubtedly a great pandemic novel which tries to grapple with the current COVID-19 pandemic and let you explore what this health emergency taught us about the reality of lives.

The story revolves around three different people. However, one of the main characters is Olive Llewellyn, a renowned author in the 23rd century. She lives on the moon and has found herself suddenly popular after publishing her book about a fictional pandemic. She decides and takes a book tour, when she finds herself locked in another pandemic, a real one.

This turns the table for Olive and her universe restricts itself. She has no option than living indoors for days. She was educating her kid from home and her book tour gone online. She ended up delivering holographic lectures over the past decade.

When it comes to other characters of the story, Edwin St. Andrew has just turned 18 and he lives in the 20th century. He crosses the Atlantic and exiled from peaceful place following an ill-conceived verbal attach at a dinner party. Later, he exiled into the forest to explore the tranquillity of Canadian Wildlife, and suddenly hears the sweet and melodious music of violin emulating in an airship terminal. This leaves him in a shock.

Edwin shortly reaches the trenches of World War I, and after that staring down a flue pandemic. The story slowly accelerates and takes you to the third character, Gaspery Jacques Roberts in 2401. Now, readers will see the story through his eyes to discover other interesting things.

He works as a detective in the Night metropolitan city. He was investigating on an anomaly in the North America Wilderness. Gaspery successfully unveiled the exiled son who drove into  madness and an author stuck in a place away from her home due the pandemic on the Earth and a friend from the Night city, who is Gaspery himself, who has explored the chance to do something exceptional that will affect the universe and the timeline.

In short, sea of Tranquility is a story of time travel, pandemic, metaphysics and science fiction that precisely connects the reality of our current scenario.

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