Moonrise By Ben Bova

Imagine reading a novel about living on the Moon in the modern world! Well, that’s what the concept of Moonrise by Ben Bova is as it talks about how humans interact and live their daily lives on a planet called Moonbase, that is the Moon.

This fictional planet is also the centre of many fights and enmities between its inhabitants. Ben tries to blend reality into this fictional book by talking about these fights and power struggles between the inhabitants of Moonbase, which is true in our current world. We are constantly struggling with each other for power in today’s society at the cost of our friendships and bonding.

This power struggle on Moonbase threatens to destroy this intelligent planet and leave humans stranded. It also shows people how we can be our enemies even when we have advanced intelligence. It is a call for us all to unite and sort our differences so that we can live in harmony together rather than fighting to become more powerful.

It is no use having the best technology and advanced scientific means if we cannot respect each other and maintain peace. Then, no matter what planet or galaxy we live on, we will never be happy.

Moonbase gives us a slice of what living on the Moon would be like with advanced technology and new methods of living. If you are interested in theories about life on the Moon and want to imagine living on a new planet, then this book will be a good read.

You will also get some good life stories and vivid human characters who live here described beautifully by the author. The self-sufficiency of this community is also something that the author emphasises in today’s world, where we are all dependent on machines and technology.

The author also portrays how we are so hell-bent on colonising and using outer space in today’s age. Instead of concentrating on the earth as it is and making it a better place, we are constantly looking in other places to find an inhabitable planet to live on. We are disrupting the entire galaxy by trying to colonise other planets and creating life on them.

We need to notice that we are also living on a beautiful planet that we need to take care of. If we want to create a world on another planet, we need to make our planet better and live a more harmonious life with each other.

Moonbase is also a stunning portrayal of another planet and has creative descriptions of how it looks from the inside out and gives us a realistic feel of living on another planet.

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